Investor relations

Board of directors

Kees Bosman


Peter Ebsen
Board member, CEO

Peter is a lawyer by background and has been involved with carbon markets for 30 years. Previously at Baker & Mckenzie, investment firms and family offices. Holds a doctorate degree from the University of Münster and a masters degree from Columbia Law School.

Robin Stenman
Board member

Robin is an entrepreneur who runs Tourn, the largest digital and influencer marketing company in the Nordics, also publicly listed on Nasdaq. Robin is a business leader, programmer, and lawyer specializing in cutting-edge technology such as AI and blockchain. He has been involved in multiple blockchain-related projects within the utility sphere.

Anders Forsberg
Board member

Anders is an entrepreneur whose executive roles covers all from leading top 500 fortune companies, global PE institutions to prominent politically strong family offices who were early leaders in the renewable and green energy generation cross border investment space.

Carl Johan Krigström
Board member

Entrepreneur and former Merrill Lynch banker, with focus on large scale industrial timber plantation projects.

Joachim Rittfeldt
Board member

Joachim is an entrepreneur who has been working in the esport and gaming industry for more than 15 years. He started as a professional gamer and is now working on the business side, leading marketing and social media channels for companies in esports and gaming, and more recently working in advisory, investments and M&A. Joachim is an expert at building large scale communities and engagement.

Robin Bäcklund
Board member

Robin is a Swedish entrepreneur who has started multiple tech businesses and has been running a publicly-traded tech company for the last three years. Robin specializes in entrepreneurial tech, product & business development and has a comprehensive experience within the blockchain/cryptocurrency sphere.