Net Zero Company

The carbon removal company powered by blockchain technology

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The Net Zero Company goal
Net Zero Company helps entities balance out their emissions using audited carbon removal tokens

Unlike most of the key players in the market whose projects are based on emission reduction, Net Zero Company focuses on carbon removal projects only.

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The need for a true carbon removal company


metric ton of CO2 per capita yearly


of the GHG emissions are hard to abate


temperature increase by 2030-2050 if nothing is done


of the emission reduction projects failed to reduce CO2 emissions

The difference between emission avoidance, reduction and removal

Let's take a concrete example to understand better. John needs to take a flight from Madrid to Stockholm. This is a 4h flight, emitting around 1t CO2. To reduce his emissions, John has 3 possibilities: avoidance, reduction or removal

John takes a regular flight and invest in a forest preservation project.

This action, even if good for the environment, did not remove CO2 from the atmosphere. As a result, he still emitted 1tCO2

John pays a supplement to go on a more efficient flight using less energy.

By doing this, his flight consumes less than with a regular plane. As a result, he emitted 0,5tCO2 instead of 1tCO2.

John takes his flight, but invest in a reforestation project.

This action removed 1tCO2 in the atmosphere, balancing completely the 1tCO2 emitted from his flight. As a result, he emitted 0CO2.

How will NZC projects remove carbon dioxide

Step 1

A carbon removal project is implemented

Step 2

NZC buys VCUs, which are certified carbon removal credits. NZC will then issue tokens in an equivalent volume.

Step 3

Companies or individuals buy the token to balance their emissions

Step 4

NZC ensures that a corresponding volume of VCUS is retired

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