There are no shortcuts
to reaching net zero.

Avoiding and reducing your company’s emissions is crucial. When that is no longer enough, new and innovative solutions will be needed.

We provide nature-based, already sequestered carbon removals—free from risk and hassle.

The missing

To reach net zero we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions. It will though be hard to reduce emissions to zero with the time we have (mid-century). The remaining emissions need to be balanced with carbon removals and they need to be scaled up and made accessible (digitalized), trusted and transparent.

1. Carbon Projects

Nature based projects with already issued, assessed and qualified high quality carbon dioxide removal credits (CDRs).

2. CDR Pool

Combining many projects with different co-benefits from many geographies to diversify risk and impact. Each CDR represents 1 tonne of CO2.

3. Asset Backed Token

Digitalizing the CDR (1 tonne of CO2) to increase accessibility and applicability of the carbon asset. Each token represents the blend of projects in the Pool.

4. Blockchain

Utilizing the benefits with Blockchain to secure transparency, security, traceability and efficiency in buying and using CDRs

5. Balance Emissions

Balancing your carbon emissions is easy, when you “burn” the CDR token on Blockchain you also retire the carbon removal.

By digitalising carbon removals through Blockchain we have created a solution you can be genuinely proud of owning and using.

To avoid the emerging catastrophe humanity is facing, we
need collaboration, new technologies and new solutions that can accelerate the net zero transition. We believe we have found this through combining nature with technology and fantastic partners.

A diversified pool.

In order for our idea to work, we have built a pool of high-quality, nature-based projects located in various parts of the world where the trees have already sequestered tonnes of carbon dioxide. Our pool currently contains a project in Laos, certified by Verra, with more projects to be added soon.

Total transparency.

We have developed a monitoring process that goes far beyond what the rest of the market is doing. Our solution is to work both with the Verra and Gold Standard certifications as well as third-party rating agencies. On top of that, we have added our own monitoring process, focusing on the social and human aspects of our projects.

Zero risk.

Can there really be such a thing as zero risk? Yes, at least for our clients. Our promise to you, as our client, is that you should never have to worry about the status of any of our projects. That is our headache. Our carbon removals have a replacement plan in case of damage, we can provide a product free from any reversal or reputational risk.

By using blockchain technology, we can guarantee that the value of our token is always linked to tangible and recognized assets, providing stability and verifiability to its worth in the digital realm. Let us explain how it works and what advantages you get from using this technology.



The primary purpose of our token is to protect your carbon removals in all situations. This is done through a pool of certified and closely monitored projects. We also have a replacement plan in place in case of any damage connected to a project.



Our token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain in line with the ERC-20 token standard. This makes our token a verifiable and credible way of showing the positive environmental impact achieved through carbon removals.



Our token is equivalent to a tonne of sequestered carbon dioxide from different nature-based projects in various parts of the world. Blockchain technology enables full traceability all the way back to each of the projects.



By connecting our carbon removals to blockchain technology, we make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to purchase our carbon removals. This will be essential if we are to reach the global climate goals and ultimately reach net zero on a global scale.

Time to balance your emissions?

Our tokens can be purchased and sold through several blockchain exchanges. When you need to retire your tokens and balance your emissions, the transaction is made on Blockchain.

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