About us.

At Net Zero Company, our team is dedicated to blending nature and technology in our quest for sustainability. We specialize in blockchain for secure, transparent carbon credit transactions and focus on nature-based carbon removals worldwide. Our approach emphasizes environmental integrity and social responsibility. We ensure the quality and safety of our projects, making carbon removals accessible to all. Our goal is to drive global participation in the net zero transition, creating a cleaner, greener future.

The team behind
Net Zero Company

Peter Ebsen
Co-founder, Chairman

Håkan Nordkvist

Cecilia Kellner

Robin Stenman
Co-founder, Board member

Anders Forsberg
Co-founder, Board member

Rosanna Thun

Annas Bouhadi
Board member

Lord Ed Vaizey

Robin Bäcklund
Co-founder, Product Advisor

Carl Johan Krigström
Co-founder, Board member

Jesper Karlström

David Gabor

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