Carbon Removal

A high-quality carbon removal (CDR) is always represented by a tonne of carbon dioxide sequestered through a specific project. The Net Zero Company meticulously curates carbon credits, ensuring they meet stringent criteria to be usable as credible Carbon Removal Tokens (CDRs). These criteria include:

Sustainable Solution.

Net Zero Company designs and markets the high-quality Carbon Removal Token which companies can use as part of a credible, rational, effective and efficient approach to net zero.

Confident Design.

As part of the product design process the Net Zero Company undertakes several tasks so that companies can use the Credible CDR Token with full confidence


Carbon Credibility

Credibly representing the removal of one metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Reputational Integrity

Having low reputational risk related to carbon-specific issues and standard supply chain risks.


Verified Co-benefits

Providing monitored and verified co-benefits such as biodiversity and community support.


Compliance Assurance

Being subject to necessary adjustments to avoid double claiming risks under the Paris Agreement rules.

These selected carbon credits are blended into a diversified pool by The Net Zero Company. A dashboard provides customers with up-to-date information on the credits and their projects. To maintain quality, The Net Zero Company continuously manages risks such as reversal events or reputational issues.

The total volume of Credible CDR Tokens in circulation always matches the total volume of qualifying carbon credits in the pool. Whenever tokens are used, the corresponding carbon credits are retired, starting with the oldest to ensure freshness.